Monday, June 13, 2011

The all-in-one update :)

No, your eyes have not deceived you. It is I...your long lost blogging friend.

It's shameful really how long it has been. Technically I blogged on May 23rd, but let's be honest...I haven't been "active" for months. I am terribly sorry.

Wanna see a little bit of what I have been doing? It's exciting, lemme tell ya! :)

I've been thrift shopping and buying stilts Walk-a-Roo's with great friends who are home from college for the summer...

I have been eating ice cream with my sexy man, trying to beat the heat.

I've been watching my Nephew/Godson graduate from Middle School...he's a big High Schooler now...*gasp* I still remember holding that little peanut when he was born!

I've been dying from the aforementioned h e a t....ugh.

I've been sharing evenings with some of my favorite ladies...

Watchin' some sexy men dance and sing for us...NKOTBSB!!! (Don't even get me started on the fact that I didn't bring my camera!!! ugh)

I've been playing dress up :)

I've been weeding the garden...over and over again...gosh, we really  need to mulch!

I've been making rainbow surprises for my Momma.

And for my latest venture, I have been cleaning out the pantry...duh duh duhhhhhhh...yeah it was pret-ty bad. It became the catch all during the basement remodel. (and yes, basement remodel pictures AND videos are headed your way!

You see...what really sent me down to the basement the other day was a dry, r e a l l y dry creative spell. Then I realized why. My pantry/creative storage area was so jam packed with junk and all disorganized that even if I went in with a plan...I may only come out with dust and some bruises from trying to find anything in there!

So I knew it was time.
Time to end this dry spell.
Time to clean out the pantry.
It was time.

And b o y did it take t i m e. Here I am at the begining of the day...all the stuff that is out in the game room, that stuff was covering all of my floor space. Which mind you, we don't have much of in our little 8x10ish room. :)

Not to mention there was stuff jam packed on the shelves. See all that stuff up there?!?!!

Well, after about 4 hours I had made some headway. I had cleaned off, wiped down and reorganized 7 shelves!! I still have probably another full days work ahead of me. I plan to tackle a bit of it tonight after small group and ice cream :) and then probably finish it up tomorrow night.

It's quite the undertaking.
Hopefully though, it will drive me to get creative and to finish some projects that I have on my wish list and the dreaded/fully procrastinated 30 Before During 30 list! :)

Well, that's what's been up. I would call this a success in the update category :)
Now let's see if I can get a success in the get creative and blog about it category! :)

Talk to you soon! :)


Auntie Zelma said...

well ... f i n a l l y ... yes, my dear sure have MISSED YOUR BLOGGING ... it is a "gift" you have ya' know! Such fun to read! Soooooooooo glad you are a "bit" on track!! Can't wait to see the RENOVATION update! Yep, that's our "sweet" April for ya' ... thanks, your Auntie Zelma

Bec said...

Good to hear from you - have missed you!

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