Friday, July 16, 2010

Let's take a tour shall we?

Yeah...I have nothing else to do...and no room in my head to blog about something normal...+ all my pictures are at home...ehhhh sorry.

Work Desk

Items of importance:
  • My Oriental Rug Mouse Pad - probably one of my most favorite things.
  • The awkward collection of half used water bottles - I don't get it either, but I won't throw them away. Hmmm. odd.
  • The mostly uncomfortable desk chair - I say "mostly" because some days, it's perfectly comfy...while other days. I want to launch it through the windows in my office.
  • My dreadfully slow printer - It's just that. Dreadfully. Slow. Ugh.
  • Bonsai ficus tree - Another favorite. And yes, I do channel Mr. Miyagi when it comes time to trim it. "vewwwy swoowy grasshoppa."
  • Pictures and love notes from Husby - And a collective "awwweeee" was heard from the readers. I know...cute right?!
  • Empty Wall Calendar - Cause I have been too lazy to fill it out...and because using Google Calendar is far more convenient!
  • Ever important desk fan - Because on days like today when the temp outside is nearing 99 degrees, and someone in the office set the air too 76. That doesn't fly with me.
  • Mr. Monkey, my desk friend - Mailed to our office by an anonymous party. Odd I know...but he is kinda my stress monkey. I bend his arms and leg in semi-tortuous ways to call my nerves some days. He's a good friend.
  • Rainbow pic taken by Bek - Cause it's pretty.
Now you have seen it all. Feel better?

Yeah I know...I wasted your time...darn it. My bad.

I tried to blog. :P


babysharpe said...


Myya said...

At least you made time to post. I'm soooo bad about posting lately. I've got LOTS to say but not enough time to actually put together a post. Oh well, I'll settle for comments on others :)

:) Miranda said...

I'm glad that you showed a picture of your desk.. because now when you tell me desk stories I will understand. I love your little Bonsai tree, I have one and I think they are soooo beautiful:)

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