Friday, July 02, 2010

the wonderous Pergola... a must-have!

I totally want a Pergola in my yard; I know exactly where too...!

I know I won't get it for a while...but what a GREAT idea!!

She took a regular ol' Pergola...

*cute pup!!

Added a little drop cloth...

Did a little swoopy over-under action...

Threw in some lights for good measure...and WAAHHH LAAA!!!

See the beauty at night?!

Me = jealous.


Brandy said...

I SOOOOOO want a pergola too! I think it would be a pretty easy thing to do. Now to find the time and money! LOL

Myya said...

Oh man I'd love one too! I have pretty much zero shade in my backyard. We are going to redo it soon & plant some trees... of course i'll then have to wait for them to grow though. Sigh!

Many Titles said...

Oh thats cute!!!! And think of all the romantic meals you can have out on something like that!!!!

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