Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Three Days in...so far, so good.

It's January 3rd.
Thanks Captain Obvious.

So far, I am pleased with 2012. I want to make big plans this year...and check them off my list.
Husby and I are making some goals...as mentioned in the last post.

They are going to follow a few categories: Enjoy, Create, Organize, Grow, Save, Home, Cook and Health.
Any number of things can fall under these categories. For example, "Enjoy" could be anything from a date night, to the movies to a  new book. "Grow" could be anything from a garden, to my hair, to our savings account. We are hoping these categories will require and encourage us to get creative in how we complete our goals.

I know it's my hope to have Monthly and Yearly goals within these categories.
Husby and I are going to work on them tonight. So soon, we can share them with you.

What are you doing this year to challenge and grow?

1 comment:

Brandy said...

can i just say how excited I am to see you blogging again....it kinda mademy year so far

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