Monday, December 08, 2008

Monday Moan

Cory Writing....

Today's Monday Moan is about district court. I went to court this morning for four DUI cases. When I got there two of the four were postponed. The third case was plead quickly and the fourth is where the moan comes in.

First off the attorney isn't there because he is in glen burnie on another case. Then another attorney comes to take it but he can't seem to get the client to cooperate with him. Finally they settle on a plea until they get before the judge. When they are in front of the judge the attorney decides he wants the other attorney to handle the case, so he asked for a postponement. The judges grants the postponement after we have had two prior postponements. They wonder way the court system is clogged. It's because you give three postponements. So i got to court at 8:45 and didn't leave until 11:00.


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April E. :) said...

but at least you got OT baby! :)

My MM is probably having a GREAT night sleep...8 hours and all...and still waking up exhausted. Tis the season??

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