Friday, December 19, 2008

Sushi Night

April writing...

Went out with some yout's to dinner tonight. Had Sushi. Ohhhh did it hit the spot!!!

10 Dynamite Rolls
7 Ebi
2 California Rolls
1 Iguana Roll
= $190 smackaroonies.

all worth it...

And then came the pictures....

Where's our SUSHI?? We are going crazy!!!
Another satisfied customer...

Nummm Nummm Nummm.
Look at that yummy goodness.

When Olivia saw the Octopus...minus the legs. ehhh.

The Gang - OD, Eggroll, DTJB, Beks, Murryann, Hoots, Sammy, Pretty Jenn and Via.

Next time won't you SUSHI with me?!

1 comment:

babysharpe said...

hah. well one. ont the last picture i was reading the name. & for a few. it took me a second. i think DTJB took me the longest. then i felt stupid. hah. :)
but overall. amazing night!

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