Friday, December 05, 2008

My Husband Rocks Friday

April writing...

I absolutely love it when my husband just lets go and enjoys himself. You see, last night, we went with some friends to see the Lighting of the Monument in Baltimore City. We had a blast...but at the beginning of the evening I was a bit worried. You see, it seemed that Mr. Cory was in what can only be described as a foul mood, which was made ever so slightly worse by me asking him, "what he was wearing?" things kind of went downhill from there. He seemed grouchy and quiet. I thought to myself...great this out to be fun then!

But he did it...whatever funk (which was probably just attributed to him being sleepy) he was in, slowly faded away. And he was able to enjoy himself and our friends. He even gave me his best, "whatchou talkin'bout Willis!?" face!

I know there are times where he works so hard, and he gets so sleepy and if just seems to effect everything he does, how he feels, acts, etc. But I love it when he can push through and enjoy it. Not only because it make the time with him that much more enjoyable, but because I know he is making great memories for himself too!

I LOVE you CJE and I am glad that you had a good time last night!!! And I hope you are catching up on all the sleep you need today!! :)


Katy Lin :) said...

i'm glad you guys had a good time! :) hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Ashley said...

Thanks for sharing!

I am glad you guys had a fun time!


Becky said...

My honey rocks because...even when I am not feeling myself, which has been a lot lately; due to pain and discomfort from my injury and surgery, he makes me laugh and helps me to feel better.

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