Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Garden progress

April writing...

Well, I am pretty sure that I won't every quit bragging on all our hard work out front. Everytime I drive up to the house I just grin, cause it's SO beautiful! Especially right now with most of our plants in full bloom! I hope it's at least decent during the colder month once all my perennials shrink away for the season.

Let's take a look back...Here we are back in May 3, 2006. Shortly after we moved into our house.
Bland and boring...ehhhh.

Then you have the very front of the front yard...eww. Just...eww.

By this point I had already updated the side planter...it was in desperate need of help!!

And then we have the front planter in it's beginning stages...fresh new plants.

and as we continued down the front walkway, the new plants started blooming like crazy, the grass got greener...this only drove me to finish the whole project to enjoy!

...and speaking of blooms...the Clematis plant was sprouting and growing like crazy in April/May 2009.

Here is the front walkway planter after all the plants were planted. Now we wait for growth and blooms...May 2009.

Fast forward to August 2009 and I am beaming with pride!!!

This is my favorite part...See my Hollyhock seeds...

...and now...full grown...my beautiful Hollyhock blooms. Probably my FAVORITE part of the garden!!


- Sarah :-) said...

What?! We don't get a full front shot from the street?? I'm having a hard time piecing it together... you GOTTA give me something!!

megsnbigd said...

Oh, how beautiful! You should be so proud and I will gladly look at your pictures!

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