Tuesday, August 04, 2009


April writing...

Why is it that when I do decide to get my hair cut...I can't decide what I want to do, then I doubt that I should even cut it?! Does that happen to anyone else? I always get major cutters guilt. The problem is, I have a very rotund face...with an extra chin or two, so I think nothing looks stylish on me.

In the past I have had it: (I didn't go too far back, as I wanted to keep it in the same hair trend era...some styles I had were just wrong...terd curls anyone?!)

Long and curly, medium and kinda flippy, short and kinda bobbed with bangs, short with poof...

This is the closest to what is looks currently.

I like it, but it's boring. I mean, I can wear it curly, straight or curl it with big curling iron. I can pull it all back. Poof it or wear side bangs. It's just so drab.

So, I know I am cutting it...but just dealing with the doubts...

I think I am going with this look...

Not sure who that chick is, just found it over at Hair Thursday. I love the style. I love the length. I think my round face would look just fine with it. The bangs, maybe not...may speak with the stylist about those. So I am going for it.

I shall post my version tomorrow maybe. Wish me luck...and that I don't walk away with cutters guilt and that I don't regret my new do throughout vacation next week!

What are your thoughts?!

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- Sarah :-) said...

I'm SO with you! My hair is just bleh lately. I need a BIG change! I'm thinking of something similar - maybe going with the short in the back, long in the front kind of thing, but still keeping it a bit on the longer-ish side, not too short (we all know what happens when I have short hair. HELLO power puff girls!) But I can't decide! And THEN there's trying to figure out where to get it done.

I won't go back to my old place after last time, now I don't have a "place". Ugh!!

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