Thursday, August 20, 2009

I waste toilet paper.

April writing...

A friend randomly sent me an email with this article included.

It got me to thinking...I wonder if I waste toilet paper. If my consumption of this hopefully fluffy and soft bathroom paper is above average or not.

I started with breaking it down into types of toilet paper users. Let's use "TP" in reference to toilet paper from here on out.

You have your couple-three sheet users, your one-sheeters (eww), your spin-till-it-stops users, your full-arms-length users (yours truly), the use-based-on-type-of-potty-break users, and the list could literally go on.

I stopped at these because I feel the average person could fall into one or more of these categories.

Let's start with the couple-three sheet thoughts...this could never be me, how do you know if you have enough? Don't you sometimes have to go back for more?

And the one-sheeters...I mean seriously...sorry for the TMI, but unless only a DROP came out...that junks gonna soak through.

The Spin-till-it-stops users...what is this the Russian roulette of potty breaks? Are you hoping that it will stop and be the exact amount you need? I imagine for, let's say #1 breaks, you have WAY too much TP doing it's job down there.

The full-arms-length I mentioned I am. I agree that at times, based on the type of potty break there may be too much TP...but here's my motto, "If it's wet, don't fret, cover your hand to protect where it lands." For realz...I can't feel like anything, and I mean anything soaked through. So I literally wrap my hand in TP and get the job done.

The use-based-on-type-of-potty-break truly are the most sensible, smart tp users. You simply take an extra moment to silently gauge how much TP is warranted and only take that amount. Well done.

I won't even get started on the men's shake-it-and-tuck-it-away method. Ewww.

Above all, whatever type of TP user you are...we all wash our hands?! Right? Even you "shake-it" men...I don't care if you didn't touch it or A L W A Y S wash.

So let's hear it...what type of TP user are you? Do you feel like it's a waste?
Next weeks discussion...Do you load the TP so it unrolls from the top or the bottom? (heehee)

1 comment:

- Sarah :-) said...

Umm - YES!! You ALWAYS wash because you always flush, right? And if you're touching ANYthing in the bathroom, you should be washing.

End. Of. Story.

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