Friday, October 15, 2010

30 before 30 update

So here's the progress...kinda... :P

  1. Finish all drywalling in the basement. *We are getting closer, we have insulated and purchased drywall (discounted through Craigslist). We are pretty close to hanging it all!
  2. Recover a chair. *I am starting with a bench...that counts right? I guess I will strike through when I actually finish...which may be this weekend!
  3. Complete our Master Bedroom. (Paint, Furniture & Decor) *I am marking this complete, even though I do need to hang some pictures. But the paint, new carpet and all is DONE! yeahhhh! I feel like such a grown-up!
  4. Sew a dress for myself.
  5. Make Sushi from scratch. *Pushed this goal to November.
  6. Get pregnant.
  7. Pay off Credit Cards.
  8. Print out photobooks of my favorite photos. *still working on this
  9. Have a Family Photo taken. Husby and I...and us with the Pups. *had some taken of Cory and I at our Family Shoot...planning some Fall Leaf ones later in October!
  10. Grow vegetables.
  11. Learn how to use my DSLR in manual mode. *Calling it complete. Not a pro, but have alot of knowledge now!
  12. Start journaling.
  13. Lose 20+ pounds. *I have lost 8 12 pounds since I July 9th!
  14. Make new curtains for my kitchen.
  15. Successfully launch my Photography business...aePhotography.
  16. Grow out my hair. *Now I think I want to cut it...ahhhh?!
  17. Bake my own bread.
  18. Surprise Husby at least once a month with something fun. August,September, October, November,
  19. Create our "Family Story" wall. *Designing it now. Shelves are next...
  20. Organize and add shelving to our Master Bedroom Closet.
  21. Hit 35,000 visitors on our Blog. *Getting so close...almost at 30,000!!
  22. Successfully keep an Orchid for more than 30 days.
  23. Have a successful Yard Sale.
  24. Paint a picture.
  25. Slow dance with Husby.
  26. Go to a show on Broadway.
  27. Hold a puppy.
  28. Make a necklace.
  29. Grow Peonies.
  30. Get Husby to dress up for Halloween. *The idea has been planted...we shall see!
So far, so good in my opinion!!! Seven down...23 to go!!!

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