Friday, October 15, 2010

Dear Someone

Dear Co-Worker,
Please stop taking my scissors, stapler, tape dispenser and copier paper. You actually have to pass the office supply closet to get to my desk. I am really saving you time. Thanks.
Sincerely, the girl who orders office supplies.

Dear Husby,
Thanks so much for the fun this week; and thanks for dancing with me last night. Not only can I check it off my 30 before 30 list, but I enjoyed it cause it was with you. :)
Love, me.

Dear Dodger (Office dog),
I give you treats everytime you come to my desk, cause I am a cool dog lover like that. I just don't get why you gruff and lick your chops at me once you are done eating. I can't give you two, you would be huge before you knew it and I don't want to be an enabler. Sorry. Go beg someone else, your chances of getting a treat per employee are pretty good.
For your own benefit,
The lady with the peanut butter treats.

Dear Facebook,
I would find it super nice if you would stop changing the Facebook photo uploader. This last option is worthless. I am not sure how going from uploading 100 pictures in two minutes to, uploading 100 pictures in 26 minutes is better?! I give you permission to change the uploader once more...or at least go back to how we had it.
The user who uploads her fair-share of pictures to your site.

Dear House,
It has been sooo great to have you back to normal. Clean and organized. I am so sorry that the disarray took over for so long. But we got you some new hair (carpet) and I am sure you are pleased about that too. Now, if we can all work as a team to keep that carpet clean. I will speak with the dogs as well.
Me, the cleaning lady.

Dear Pups,
I know you have noticed the new carpet. Olive, you can't stay out from under the beds which is where I assume you are loving snuggling with the new carpet. Pickle, it seems any spot in any bedroom is now a comfy bed for you. So here's the deal. Let's keep it clean. I know Mom and Dad seem a little silly about closing the doors when it rains, but that's to keep it clean. So...if you could just do your part to wipe your paws when you come it, it would be greatly appreciated. kthxbye.

Dear Google Reader,
I see the smoke coming from your ears...but I have been too busy to read all of my blogs this week. I have started a little this morning and not seeing that "1000+" number move after reading (skimming) nearly one hundred blogs already is very disheartening. Throw me a bone, how many am I really working with here?
The reader who is reading as fast as she can.

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Myya said...

I feel ya on the trying to catch up with blog thing. Uggghhhh Monday hits hard & I just can't get to my blogs till ohhh say Wednesday and by then I am WAY behind. I thought things would start running smoother once I had one in school. Yeah, not so much LOL

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