Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall Swap Goodies!

I got my SWAP goodies!!! And boy are they AWESOME!!

Thanks so much to Kristin for being such an AMAZING SWAP buddy and a real one too! :)

She sent me some awesome stuff...but what was even better was how she wrapped it...
There were beautiful leaves in the box with tissue paper wrapped goodies for me to open...and sweet little notes on each!


Look at all the great loot...lemme run through the list...
  • A labeled bag for my Photography business, and sticky notes.
  • A pink and white hot liquids cup
  • Address labels for our Christmas cards
  • A hand-knit scarf
  • A beautiful jewel picture holder (on my desk at work now)
  • A Yankee Candle "Home Sweet Home:
  • Tea
  • A Cinnamon Swirl Cake Warm Delights (already eaten!)
  • And some sweet homemade cards!

Aren't the cards great?!

Oh I just love it all!

See the bag and stickies?!?!

Kristin, all the stuff was GREAT!! Thanks so much!

And thanks to all who participated!


MrsKristinClark said...

I am so so glad that you loved it all!
I adored the whole process, you are too fun to shop for =)
I LOVED mine too! I wish I had taken better pictures now!! =)

Terri said...

What cute stuff! I want Kristin to be MY friend, too.

MrsKristinClark said...

Terri, we are so friends now =)
Let's do another swap!! hahahahahaaa!!

Myya said...

YAY! You got some major swappy goodness!!! I am always bummed when I look at swaps that I didn't join in. LOL. Love the bag best -how thoughtful & SUPER cute too!!!

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