Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's SWAP time!

Have you mailed your SWAP package yet?!?! Here are some reminders....

*You may want to spend a couple extra dollars to insure your package and/or get a tracking number, so you can keep watch on your package.
* It is NOT required to wrap your items or anything inside the box but you are certainly welcome to. Being extra crafty and cute never hurt anyone :)
* When you receive your package you need to take pics of your items and then do a post showing what you received. Be sure to link to your Partner's blog. Don't forget this step. This lets me know you recieved your items and it let's your partner know they did a great job!
*Also, come back to our McLinky post on the 15th and LINK up to your SWAP Goodies post!
*There were _________ people that signed up for our SWAP, so we should have ________ links of people receiving their packages!

If you have any questions about anything please leave me a comment or email me, Slickslady (at) gmail (dot) com.


1 comment:

jennaelayne said...

my swap is in the mail!!!! so excited.. i hope brittany loves it!
xo jenna

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