Friday, October 01, 2010

Pantry progress...

We got our IKEA GORM Series shelving...finally...all for around $200!

So now it was time to paint. Husby thought it would be a good idea to prime first, since the wood was just sucking up all the white paint I was putting on it. So we primed...and primed...

...and primed...and primed...

...finally it was time to start installing them. sheeeessshhhh

...and still more installing...Husby kept saying "Man, I wish I could use my drill!!"

Then it was time to move them all into the Pantry...we moved ever so slowly, holding our breath, hoping it would fit...


Yeah, so we had to take the small end piece off...because we got it in the room...but then we couldn't get the corners to meet. I only laughed a little bit.

We let the dogs in to wander around. They rarely get to come downstairs now because there is so much laying on the ground, and they basically just lower there heads, open their mouths and drag their tongues across the floor like dingleberries. haha.

They approved of the newness. :)

So, we did the smart thing next and added the safety brackets. You like how we find studs. Yep, just drill a bunch of holes till we get lucky. Yes, I know...there are stud finders, and yes, we built this wall ourselves so the studs should be every 16 inches...but doesn't always work like that. At least not with us :P

Anywhoodle...look at it.
It's gorgeous.
Now I just have to paint it all white. Again.

We are ecstatic. I think it look amazing, and we have SO much space for stuff! So, what do you think?? Should I paint the screws, that are currently black, white too? I am using a semi-gloss white paint, for easier cleaning.

Now, all we have to do is finish the window, paint the other side of the rooms base trim, move the freezer back in, then we can move ALL of the other stuff, that is currently crowding up our spare room, back into the NEW Pantry.

But there is no rest for the weary. We have exactly 8 nights to do all of the above, and paint our Master Bedroom...because next Saturday...we are getting NEW carpet!!


We'll be done soon right?! :/


Many Titles said...

You will be done soon and it will sooooo be worth it all!!!!! You make me excited, nervous, anxious really to start our own home improvement projects =)

Myya said...

I am so bloggy behind! I LOVE it!!! I would kill (ok maybe not kill but possibly mame) for extra storage like this. YAY for you guys!!! : )

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