Monday, December 06, 2010

Christmas dogs

I spent about an hour of the afternoon yesterday wrapping presents...which I love to do. Christmas-ey happy face...

The dogs were hoovering around...they knew I was wrapping gifts for them! Olive actually noticed them still in the bags and was sniffing and wagging her tail like a crazy pup!

Then she perched up on a chair to watch me wrap them...

She's such a cutie...I can't even stand it some days!

Husby was home yesterday evening a little under the weather and he said that she somehow managed to get into one of her presents and rip the end open. haha! Dad caught her in the act and moved all the puppy presents up high so they couldn't reach them till Christmas Eve...which is when we open presents. Then the rest of the night Olive excitedly jumped around the tree and sat and stared at the presents just begging us to "please let me open just ONE!" haha!

No such luck have 19 days...just like Mom and Dad! :)

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