Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Card heroes.

I probably already have, but let me introduce you to one of my FAV photog blogs that I follow...Bobbi and Mike.

They are not officially my Christmas Card heroes.

Check out their cards from years past...



and 2009

Well for this years card, they went the awkward family photo route...and boy did it pay off! If you haven't been to or heard of that are missing. Stop reading and go will make the following photos that much more...high-larious!

Go now...! I'll wait....

You back?

Ok...check it...this is SO great!!

Seriously, I nearly peed my pants. You need to go check out their blog and see all the photos's SO worth it.

So...warning to's SO ON...our Christmas Card needs to be THIS epic.

And to those of you still waiting on your Christmas card from us...giggle, shuffling feet, giggle...well my hospital stay got in the way, then I was over it, then I remember that free cards shouldn't be wasted, then I decided to compile the cards together with a whamo-bamo-New-Years card and waaahhhllaaa. So you can expect to see it soon-ish with some wonderful New Years love thrown in for good measure :)

And remember...when you are planning your next Christmas photo...find the biggest wreath you can, stand behind it and S M I L E...

1 comment:

Jen said...

Thanks for the link - those cards were amazing!! How fun!
Happy January :)

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