Monday, December 27, 2010

Let me get'ya caught up here...

So...remember this post last week when I talked about the....*ahheeemmmm* "pain in my butt?"

Well, that pain in the butt landed my butt in the hospital. Yerp. You heard right. On Tuesday afternoon I went to my Primary for a "follow-up" on the pain meds and antibiotics that they had given me the week prior. Meds that I thought were working because I felt the pain was, well shrinking. And it was...but the fever I had been enjoying since Sunday was still hanging around, to the tune of 100 degrees. That she was not comfortable with. Yeah, she said she wasn't comfortable with it. Look lady I haven't been comfortable for close to a week and half...grrr. Anywho...onto the ER I went. Doc wanted me to get some IV antibiotics and fluids. I assumed that would mean just a night in the ER, that I could handle. know what they say about assuming right?


So, after about 3 hours in the ER and a visit with a surgeon...since it was rumored that there may be a lancing or two near my...rear region...I was told that my little trip the ER was turning into my very first hospital stay.


So, admitted I was. First I went over to the transitional care unit. Which is also known as the "go-wait-in-a-new-bed-for-another-hour-or-two-till-your-upstairs-bed-is-ready." I know, I was glad they shortened it too, makes it easier.

It was in the TCU that I got my first shot of pain medicine. And I am talking the good stuff too. Dilaudid.

I kinda felt like this for about 15 minutes...

Gosh, you can find anything on haha :)

Then it was up to the med-surg floor where I thought I would be spending the next 24 hours.


24 hours later I found out...I would be staying another night.

Yeah, I cried and kinda threw a mini-fit.

Anywho. I survived. Husby went out and came back with candy and snackies and a that I tried to watch but fell asleep once my Benadryl kicked in. Yeah, about that...I was kinda allergic to one of the antibiotics. My head and neck would itch horrible and I would get a ring around my hairline and my ears would be like they were on before I would get my dose I got a dose of Benadryl...goodtimes.

The 2nd night was much better. I finally found the sweet spot on the bed. Yeah, FYI there is totally a hospital bed sweet spot, find it and find rest. I think I will embroider that on a pillow for my next friend in the hospital.

So, there we were Thursday afternoon and Doc came in and said I could GO HOME...oh those were magic words. If he hadn't just been checkin' out my tush I would have probably hugged him. And by "checkin' out my tush" I absolutely meant in the medical sense.

Husby and I packed up quicker than you could blink and then we were outta there!! I was so glad to be home. I didn't plan to miss two days of work. I didn't plan to miss addressing and sending out my already-late Christmas cards. I didn't plan to wait till Christmas Eve to finish stocking shopping for my Mother-in-Law. Grrrr...but I knew this. I could SIT...finally. I could LAY...finally. So my stay, albeit inconvenient had served it's purpose and I was well again. *cue the angel chorus...HALLELUJAH!*

I made it home before the Holidays and had a wonderfully low key Christmas with Husby (pictures to come) and my Family and it's just been great. The house is finally clean and laundry is getting caught up and I am playing with new Christmas toys. (pictures to come)

So, I hope that you and yours had a great Christmas and we pray that your New Year will be blessed and full of memories!

Memories free of pains-in-the-butt, the need for Dilaudid (even though it was fun while it lasted) and hospital stays! :)


Myya said...

Oh No! Glad you are feeling better though. ok so I just have to say... the word verification on this comment is reitcom... at first glance I thought it said rectom & laughed because well, your post was about a pain in the butt. :)

Grace on the Narrow Path said...

Be careful my friend. I have had the same med. when I tore my ligaments around my arm.
I am also glad you are using blogger comment I never could get my comment thingy to work on the other post.
Pain in the butt ... I mean ... you know what I mean.

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