Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Catchin' up

Well...the Murder Mystery was a huge success...the students did amazing and it was by far, my favorite show!! I feel like between all the practices and the planning I haven't breathed in about two months...but it was all worth it! Now...to rest.


OH! Sorry, not right now! :P

Now, it's time for the pre-summer lull; and it is welcomed with open arms!! May is semi-busy...it's like birthday month in my family with 4 birthdays (including mine!) I have the Mother-Daughter Banquet this Friday night, then we have our yard-sale this weekend, My Niece's birthday part on Monday, the NLEOMF Candlelight Vigil next Thursday...then a weekend off!!! Then it's back to the grind with my youngest sister's birthday, then my birthday then my dear friend Terri's Baby Shower and my friend Dave's Birthday Party. (the same day! So Husby and I are split for the day) Then we round out the last week with my Father's Birthday and my Mother-In-Law's Birthday back to back...and then our Memorial Day party!!! Sounds busy...but not too bad really. I am actually kind of excited about it...but that's probably because my birthday is squished in there! :P

Well, all things home improvement have been halted for about a month now. We are saving money for Vacation (in June!) and paying off some smaller debts. Then we will get back up and running! We also kind of decided to not fall full force into yard work for the backyard...Husby kind of feels that finishing the basement can provide us more bang for the buck, and we do plan or wish to refinance to a lower rate...so that basement completion would really benefit us there! I am a little bummed, so I am just doing some minor things around the backyard...but that does mean the veggie garden is out until next year...although I may do a few small things in pots...we
shall see.

So...that's about all that's going on in our neck of the woods right now, I am somewhat enjoying my downtime and I know I haven't been super bloggy lately, but I am working on a list of things to blog (already at 5 items) so as soon as I come out of my downtime-coma you will see me more regularly!!

Talk to ya soon!!


:) Miranda said...

HEY YOU! How much money did we raise? Its been killing me to find out, but I always forget to ask..hah.

Terri Peters said...

I heart you for splitting up from your hubby to come to my shower. Thanks. I love you.

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