Friday, May 14, 2010

Saying Goodbye...

The best way we know having fun, laughing and sharing great memories!! My family and I have been in Memphis, TN since Wednesday am. We buried our Grandfather today with lots of family and friends, many we haven't seen in years! It was a great time of celebration. Celebration of life, of love and of family!

Enjoy some pictures. This should tide you over till I can get back into my routine at home and back to blogging regularly.

At the service...


After the service, we took pictures...lots of pictures! (It's alright, we were all in great spirits after some "mighty good" southern food!



...and here are all the girls doing the Whitten Gals's pretty infamous around here...


After that...there was napping...lots of napping...


I love my cousins!


And me and the Sisters are nuts!


We also went to visit my Dad's parents, Gma and Gpa Sharpe...




Grandpa told us tons of stories!! Our favorites were about Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis and their Honeymoon. Here is a quick video of his Elvis story...he even sang us a quick song.

Grandpa Sharpe talks about Elvis from April Eslick on Vimeo.

So cute.


I have plenty more to share...and I will later...for now I am off to hang with the family in the hotel lobby...on our last night together!


Myya said...

What a great post! I love the military picture of him. I'm sure your grandpa is beyond thrilled that you are all there together sharing family memories & making new ones. I am so sorry for your loss.

Anonymous said...

Well I am so glad that under the circumstances you all had a good time:) and by the way grandpa sharpe.. is totally cute.!

Rebecca said...

Your g-pa left behind some extraordinary folks. Sorry he's not in your life anymore. He seemed like quite a guy!!

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