Monday, May 10, 2010


So...remember when I posted what I wanted for my Birthday?


I am getting my CAMERA!!!

I am so terribly excited that I can hardly contain myself. I can't wait to start learning more and taking pictures and expanding my use of the camera!

My goal is to one day take pictures for people on the side. I know...Husby is probably laughing his head off at me cause I am eternally looking for something to earn money on the side with...But hey! I say why stop trying to earn MORE money?! Getting out of debt doesn't happy by accident! :P

I have been reading all kinds of blogs and tutorials about the camera and the different types of lenses and their jobs, filters and posing. AHHHHH!!

So you may be asking do you know already what you are getting for your birthday, there's still 10 days to go?!

Well...funny story. Back in January Husby asked me to start putting away $50 into savings each month for my birthday present. So I have been. Well I told him a couple days ago that he had $250 saved up for my present..."well that isn't enough" he says. He knew I did what he said...and we are assuming that somewhere in the translation he meant to tell me to save $50 a pay...for $100 a month.

Either way, he said he wasn't going to go out and purchase the camera himself, cause he knew I would want to find the best deal...and he didn't want to get the wrong thing. So he told me...that I could use the money saved and any other monies needed to get my camera for my birthday. You see...we have a $50 rule in our house. If you are spending over $50 on any ONE item, we run it by the other person we don't buy needlessly. So that was the permission to use other monies aspect mentioned above.


I am going to do some research and find the BEST deal. And *fingers crossed* I may have my new camera by the time vacation to Boston rolls around in June!! Thank goodness for three pay months...that basically means one extra paycheck for both of us = extra money!

So if you have a DSLR or a Canon EOS Rebel T1i and you have any favorite or helpful websites, tutorials or advice...PLEASE let me know! I need to learn all that I can!!

I am just ecstatic!!


Meadowlark said...

We did just have a friend who is a professional photographer suggest the T1 to us... said it was the best in the price range we wanted to spend.

Of course, we've since decided we didn't want to spend that much since the durn rental car cost so much and we have Cabo in a week.

Can't wait to see the shots!

Simply Complicated said...

Let me know what you go with! We are in the process of getting a new camera too... but my husband is "in charge" of doing all the research :-) Trying to get the best deal on a GOOD camera but it needs to be user friendly or I'm afraid we won't use it to its potential... but I know that Canon one you mentioned is on the list that we're researching! Have fun, enjoy :-)


yay how exciting... i have the canon rebel xsi...

Seeking Grace on the Narrow Path said...

I finally found your blog . . . I kept clicking on the cupcake thingy on police wives. . . so I thought to myself this girl sure doesn't post much. Yes I am a blonde . . . oops not that matters. Anyway I am glad you are getting the camera . . . you go girl. Oh, I am also going to be following your blog too. I guess it is what the "cool" police wives do. LOL Stop by Seeking Grace soon for a visit.
God bless you.

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