Saturday, May 22, 2010

Olive will hunt matter where.

So...Husby came home one morning and let Olive and Pickle out to go to the bathroom. While out there, Olive started barking at the trash cans. When Husby went out he lifted up the trashcan a little mousy ran out.

I won't say that Husby ran into the house screaming like a little girl...that didn't even happen.


We walked out again together and the mouse was gone, so we laughed it off and put the dogs in their crates to eat. I went to work and Husby went to bed. When I got home from work, we let the dogs out. Of course Olive ran straight for the trashcans and I proceeded to start dinner. After a few minutes I heard peeked out the kitchen door...and this is what I saw...

Look close. You see her? Olive. Yep, right there in the recycle bin. I died laughing and of course ran for the camera!

I think she got a little embarrassed, because by the time I came back with the camera on, this is how I found her...

Me - "Whatcha doin' Olive?"
Olive - "Uhm, Mom...I was looking for that mousey...but I got in over my head.
Me - "I can see that. How are you going to get out?"
Olive - "You're gonna help me out?!"
Me - giggle.

I walked away and left her alone to think about her actions, heehee, and got Cory so he could see. When we came back. She had learned her lesson.

"Mom, I am really sorry. I won't jump in the trash cans again."



Myya said...

That is the funniest & cutest thing ever! :)

Many Titles said...

Ha ha..... that first picture was so funny. Her little eyes peering out from inside the can. Too cute!

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