Tuesday, May 25, 2010

In the jungle, the mighty jungle...

Wanna buy a house in the jungle?

What about a jungle in a house?

What's that growing on the walls? Is it fake? Maybe a little added greenery decor?

Oh no...it looks REAL...and oh my...there's more...

My goodness...it's spreading like a bad rash...a really bad rash...

AHHHHH!!!! What in the WORLD??

*Also...please take note...they took the time to make the stairs two different colors of carpet. Classy touch.*
**if you have two different color carpets on your stairs...then please take no offense, I am sure that it's just because this house did that AND added greenery everywhere that made is look so bad...promise. :)

Seriously? You're trying to sell your house like THIS?!?!

You have to walk through a forest to get to the dining room!!

Who does this?

Thanks to Hooked on Houses for sharing!


Cory E. :) said...

OH MY LORD. I thought you were crazy about where you wanted to put Ivy. That house is crazy.

Many Titles said...

um, no thank you to both the stairs and the ivy.

Myya said...

I bet the owners are SO proud of this plant. Ewwe, all I can think of is cobwebs. YUCK!

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