Monday, May 24, 2010

LOST...the end of a Era

Well, it's over.


I have been a Fan from the beginning.

I must say after watching the Finale...I was a bit...confused, but overall satisfied.

What were your thoughts??


Here are my thoughts...about the Finale.

I think that everything that happened on the Island was real. I think they crashed, some survived, some died, some got off the island and some came back. I think that everything that happened off the island in this last season...was an alternate reality, or the purgatory waiting room of sorts for those that had already died. I think once they all died, they gathered there and proceeded to Heaven together...or some other better place.

I think as far as the light goes...Desmond uncorked the island, making it possible for all the rules to be broken. The Man in Black could be killed now, and Richard could start aging, etc.

I think once Jack put the cork back in, he fixed the island, then leaving Hurley and Ben in charge to protect the island. Then he died once he saw that the plane had taken flight...and they were headed home safely.

I think in the end the LOST story was about the faulty characters finding Love and Redemption in their own time lines...even if only in the alternate reality/purgatory.

Sure, we may never understand why the island had powers like it did, or why the Man in Black was also a big cloud of smoke, etc...but I just chalk all that up to the fact that LOST at it's core was straight Sci-Fi.

So that's theory...albeit simple and short.

What's your theory?? I'd love some dialogue about this!

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Angie said...

I am just still so confused....I Lost it a few seasons ago...............

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