Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Air Plants and Mini Orchids

I might admit that I have become a little cocky when it comes to my Orchid. It's been alive and thriving for nearly two months and I am ready to step up my game in the indoor house plants arena, it's really making me look forward to spring!

So today I've done a little research and here's what I'm lovin'...

Air Plants

Air plants are described as "An epiphyte is a plant that grows upon another plant (such as a tree) non-parasitically or sometimes upon some other object deriving its moisture and nutrients from the air and rain and sometimes from debris accumulating around it.

Caring for them seems fairly easy: They grow differently than most other house plants, and it may be confusing to the beginner. They are really very hardy, and require much less attention than other house plants.

Protect them from frosts.
Most prefer cool night temperatures - below 60 degrees if it can be provided.
Give them bright, filtered light.
Provided the atmosphere is not too dry (as in an air-conditioned home) they require relatively little watering.
If you are growing them indoors and the air is dry, you will need to submerge the plant in water for 2-3 hours about every two weeks. Otherwise, in a shade-house or unheated home, you can use a soaking mist once or twice a week in summer, once a month in cooler weather.

Not too bad, and they are super neat little plants.

Obviously, I love orchids too. They are so beautiful and dainty, just begging for extra special care; and mini orchids have caught my eye!


(You can watch the video of how this wall hanging was made here.)

I really want to try and make an orchid wall hanging...gonna follow through with some research and pricing first! It may be a pretty intense undertaking.


Succulents or fat plants, are water-retaining plants adapted to arid climates or soil conditions. Succulent plants store water in their leaves, stems and also in roots.

So...I have some plants picked out and some ideas on where to put them...I'll update you more soon on the outcome. I just hit "order" on some cork bark and the necessary tools needed for the Orchid wall hanging!

What's making you look forward to spring?!

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