Thursday, March 03, 2011

Flooring - We are madly in love.

Well, we just signed away our first born a hefty chunk of cash mon-ayy on the flooring for our basement. Hardwood laminate and some deliciously soft frieze carpet.

But let's talk about the laminate flooring shall we? Beccause I certainly can't STOP talking about it or looking at it!!!

It's Armstrong's Timber Bay Barnyard Gray. Isn't it spectacular?!

Ugghhhh...I just had to share. Now we have to wait for it :)

Oh...and pay for it too. Ay ay ay!!

1 comment:

Armstrong said...

Hi April!
We hope you and Husby enjoy your new Armstrong foor! We invite you to visit to post a pic after your floor's installed. We'd love to see it!

Kim with Armstrong Flooring

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