Monday, March 21, 2011

I know. Don't say anything.

I have been one heck of a bloggin' slacker. I have a few good reasons.

shut up, I mean it.
Number 1...So, I may or may not have mentioned my new job, but I am finally settling in there. I just started my second week and I am loving it. I am home. My career has truly come full circle. When I graduated High School I got a job at my church working as a Secretary for the Youth Pastor...who happened to be my Father. I loved it, but I had aspirations of becoming a Nurse...needless to say 11 years and many jobs later (none satisfying my desire to go into Nursing, but  that's a different story) I am back at the church. I have wanted to come back to work here for years. My skills are best used here, I love the people, the environment...everything. Thank God for finally answering my prayer. I am at a job that I love, I mean love every aspect. Even the glitches with the server and screaming toddlers. (yes, you can bring your kids to work here) It's just home. So...I don't have as much time on my hands as I had at my previous job, so my blogging will be rescheduled around the rest of my life now. I am sure it would be safe to expect some late night blogging to come.

Number 2...our basement. There's alot of love around here people. It has all come together more perfectly than I could have imagined. From the paint colors to the baseboard, to this beautiful flooring that is coming next Wednesday. It's just perfect.

For the most part it's been Husby and friends working on the basement...with me stepping in on occasion. It's not that I don't want to step's just they were at the manly-man part of the remodel and I only stepped in to do my part being the "Massa-Cauka" (Master Caulker) of the house. I'm such a DIY lovin' know this when you don't stop in the middle of your job to grab a hair tie to tie your hair back...instead you use painters tape.

That's how I roll.

Sidenote - To my wonderfully talented, patient and manly Husby...your work in the basement has been amazing. Your drive and determination to get the job completed and under/on budget makes me squeal with delight! You are pretty cute...even after all the trips to Lowe's. Such a trooper you are...

To our Fathers who have spent time to help teach and work beside Husby on this the many friends, especially Mikey who spent so many hours helping too; we could NOT have done it without you. And yes, we DO plan to thank you in a very special way.

Anywhoodle...there will be pictures in your future. Aren't you just grinning with expectation?! I know I am. :)

Finally...Number 3...there really isn't a third good reason, other than the fact that I just have not THOUGHT about blogging. I do have stuff I want to blog about, and projects that are coming up!! Now, this next part is going to be rather negative of me...and that's not typical. However...I am getting the feeling that I may not complete my 30 before 30. I mean I kinda knew I wouldn't get a few of them or five...but I am thinking that number may be a bit higher. I think I slacked a little too long. Ehhhh.'s to one last push...after all I do still have 59 Days 2 Hours, 22 Minutes and 55 seconds...54 seconds...53....

Oh and here's to more blogging too...

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Momma Z said...

Wow! dear April, you are truly a "gem". I did miss you not blogging those few days, but I was very sure that "working at the church" would take up quite a bit of your time (yep, experiences speak! hahaha), but sooooooooo glad you love your new job and believe me, they have the best THERE FOR THEM! You guys are doing a great job with your 'home improvements' ... making HOME truly HOME! Keep up the great work, and will look forward to "more good blogs"! your Momma Z

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