Thursday, March 03, 2011

Cabinet Door RE-Do–Trash to Pleasure


Remember when I found the free cabinet doors on the side of the road? Well I had plenty of ideas on how to use them but I had never touched them since we loaded them in the attic almost a year ago. Until a friends birthday approached and I saw an idea online that led me back to them.


I didn’t have any cool tables like that lying around, but I did have a few cabinet doors…and an idea of a serving tray from an old cabinet door…


So I set my goal and got started. I remembered back to a school project in middle school where I died paper with tea bags, baked  them and burned edges, etc. to make the paper look aged. Here’s a quick how to for that: You’ll need tea bags, (any will do) a cup of water, a cookie sheet and your paper. For my project I printed out the Hymn sheet music to my Friends favorite Praise and Worship song.


Preheat your oven anywhere from 100-175 degrees.


Soak the tea bag and squeeze it over the paper, occasionally rubbing it into the paper. If some of the tea spills out it’s ok, it will add to the look.


I laid each page on a towel, to decrease the opportunity for a huge mess! :)


Some pages I crinkled and allowed the tea to pool in areas to make darker stains.


I allowed them to dry a little, then I put each into the oven for 3-5 minutes until they were just about dry. Then I took a candle and held the pages over the flame to get small burn marks and to burn the edges.


Once I was done, I laid out the pages some I ripped, others full pages onto the cabinet door. I coated the door with modge podge and began to press the pages onto the cabinet door, especially in the dipped area.


Then I coated the top with modge podge (two layers) and let it dry over night.


Once it dried…Oh I had already fallen in love with it. Husby helped me to attach the handles I got 50% off at Hobby Lobby (total of $2.00).


Here’s the best finished picture I have. Sorry I didn’t think to take a better one, but I LOVE the final result!! Good thing is, my friend loved it too!! I plan to make a few more, for other friends as well…trust me, there is no shortage of cabinet doors in our attic!


It was a great little project, not too hard…thoughts? I LOVE it :)

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Bec said...

That is gorgeous - love it! So easy as well!

Laura Taylor said...

OMG!!! I LOVE IT!!! THAT IS TOO AWESOME! Great job! I love projects like this, just wish I had more time to do them!

- Sarah :-) said...

Ooh - it turned out really well, sis!

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