Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hmmm. I'm not sure how I feel about all this...

April writing...

They have a website now. The Suleman Family...Nadya and her 14 kiddos. You can donate money and there is also an address to donate stuff to as well.

I just don't know how I feel about it all. I watched her interview on Dateline. I sat and listened to her explain why she did what she did. Why she feels that her actions weren't selfish or irresponsible.

I am feeling differently thought, her actions WERE selfish and they WERE irresponsible. I won't take the stance as most have, complaining about the fact that there are so many women out there right now that can't conceive and you have this lady spitting out kids left and right with no source of income or no father-figure in their lives. I won't take the stance and say that she just did this for media I believe there are far more things you could do for media attention, than bringing 14 kids into the world. I think her reasoning has a deeper more psychological meaning.

I have TWO points...and only TWO points.

#1 - What kind of bat-brained Doctor implanted her with 6 eggs at her age? The average is number of eggs implanted is only 2-3....4 at most at that is if you are OVER the age of 35 and have decreased chances of conceiving. I think after 6 kids, her chances weren't TOO low. Someone needs to call him on his actions. I know that there are laws in place, where if the patient wants all 6 implanted then that is what they can get....however I DO know that Doctors can say that they will not do the procedure and she would have to go else where. I mean for heaven's sake...she went to the SAME doctor for her 6 other children...he KNEW she wasn't married, he KNEW she had no source of income...what was he thinking?

#2 - She has some serious mental instability. She basically came right out and said it. She needs to have love and connection to people. She said she didn't like being an only child and she has always wanted a big family. That's all fine and good...IF you can provide for them! And NO...using food stamps and welfare and donations from saps all over the Internet doesn't count as providing for them. What if that falls through?

I thoughts are just all over the place on this one. I don't like what she has done...but my heart goes out to the children. While it seems like she is a great mother and very dearly loves all of her them...she alone cannot provide for them adequately...and that's a shame.

What are your thoughts?

*Additional note - I am reading this morning 2/12 that Nadya (the mother) is getting death threats. Come one people...let's complain about her abusing the system and how can she care for 14 kids alone...and then we are going to kill her? That makes tons of sense. Oi, this world we live in.*


Becky said...

I have pretty much the same thoughts as you, April. I mean where is the responsibility in this whole situation???

- Sarah :-) said...

I am with you - I feel for her, as in I really hope she gets some help. Mentally and in every other facet.

And for the children - I hurt for them. They are innocent in all this and I don't at all doubt that she loves each and every one of them SO much. But what's going to happen when they are older? Social Services are going to have to intervene unless she finds a home with 14 bedrooms that she can somehow manage to afford.

If I set up a website asking for donations becuase I couldn't handle the life I'd created for myself, I'd be shamed by many. If she was trying with all she had, i coudl understand, but she had to pay for these children, and yet she has no money to continue to support them? Where's the logic?

How'd she come up with the money in the first place? That's a question I want answered. Who's paying her medical bills before these 14 children. Who paid the doctor to implant her with all fo these eggs? Where'd she get the money to pay for the procedure?

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