Friday, February 13, 2009

"I have a flower delivery...uh oh"

April writing...

Ladies...we know what these do to us...

The minute you see the delivery guy walk into the room, your heart immediately starts beating faster, you begin to look around the room hoping for everyone to see you receive roses from the one you love!

That's exactly what happened yesterday in my office.

There I was sitting at the front desk, like I do everyday. I was chatting with three other ladies from my office about poopy diapers if I remember correctly. That's when it happened. The front door opened and the delivery guy walked through with the roses blocking his face saying, "I have a flower delivery for...(he lowers the flowers and sees 4 women standing there, all I am sure with big hopeful smiles on their faces...) Uh-Oh."

We all giggle and apologize for our drooling eyes as he approaches the counter. I quickly deduce that the flowers are NOT for me, for a couple of they are roses...I don't do roses...not my fav's and Cory knows that and two, because they are being delivered on Thursday, if they were from Cory he would have had them delivered on this is the day we are celebrating Lovey Day.

I sign for the flowers and glance my eyes all around the paper looking for the name on the delivery. It was for another co-worker...the nice gentlemen leaves the office and the rest of my lady co-workers are kind of standing there quietly. Just then two more lady co-workers walk through the doors from the office and say, "Ohhhhhh who are THOSE for?!" with that same hopeful look as the rest of them...I say they are for Kristi.

...and then without missing a beat...they all go..."Ohhh that's sweet" and walk away. I could tell by their tone that they had to muster up all they could to congratulate the lucky lady and push back all sense of jealousy! haha! It was too funny.

Why do we do that? What is it about a flower delivery that makes us think our men are the most romantic men in the world? All they did was call up a company, pick out a bouquet and pay $60 to have it delivered. Ha...can you sense my feelings on flower deliveries? It's funny to see how immediately each woman began thinking to themselves..."Huh! Why aren't those for me?! Why couldn't my husband/boyfriend have flowers delivered for me!"

I just found it so amusing...especially to watch two of the ladies who didn't even have significant others get that glazed-over look in their eyes and just HOPE that they are for them. Even funnier was how after talking about it later with a few of those lady co-workers...we all kind of share the same least me and one other lady stated that we wouldn't even prefer to have flowers delivered and our husbands knew why then did we hope that they were for us?! hahaha! I guess deep down each of us want to be wooed.

Lovey Day makes people crazy...high-larious.


Cory E. :) said...

Good story baby. Girls are funny.

- Sarah :-) said...

I'm with you - we all get crazy! But in my opinion, even though it doesn't take much effort on their part, it still shows that they're thinking about us at a random time when we're not around, and THAT's what we're all hoping for. Right?!

Brittany said...

Well for a girl who LOVES getting gifts...... flower deliveries are one of my favorites. Especially if it is my favorite. Though, I must be honest and admit as I was reading that little jealous twang sprung up within me. =)

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