Tuesday, February 03, 2009

...the Tuesday TOP 5

April writing...

I'm taking a little cue from one of my BFF's Brittany over at Evolution of Brittany and making Tuesdays my TOP 5 day!

This week's prompt is... (thanks to Britt)

I wouldn't say that I have the SAME exactly routine everyday...and I work 9:30-4:30 M-F so that takes up most of my day...and honestly...I don't have many top moments at work...so here are some of my favorites that happen throughout the days of my week...

#5 - Getting home from work. There is something so calming about walking in the door to my own home and getting into more comfortable clothes. I could wear comfy clothes to work and the outfit I change into will always be MORE comfy! :)

#4 - Reading my Blogroll. Thanks to Google Reader I am able to subscribe to all of my fav Blogs and read them as they roll in. Sometimes I can get lost in the many subscriptions that I have. I usually do it first thing when I get in at work in the morning.

#3 - Cooking dinner with Cory. We have been doing this more and more lately...and it is so much fun. Even though sometimes we argue and we both cook and prepare differently...it's still a great time to get to know him more and to have fun cooking a great food.

#2 - I am with Brittany on this one...taking a shower. I love that time alone. Sometimes I just sing or dance around and take my shaving and just enjoying the warm water. All that, and I come out so fresh and so clean...clean.

#1 - Going to bed. Even though I am a night owl...I love 'coming down' and watching a few shows in bed, and then those first few moments when my head hits the pillow. Bliss.

What are your TOP 5 Moments of the Day? (feel free to use the picture above too.) I will change it weekly with a new prompt. Comment with any prompt ideas too!


Brittany said...

Well, I might just join you some tuesdays with the Top 5 thing. But for next week it should be your Top 5 moments of Premiere. Then you can always do your Top 5 favorite photos. Top 5 favorite memories celebrating your 5 years of marriage. So many things can be done!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think I'm gonna do a top five since, well, you know... all the cool kids are doing it (;

Becky said...

My Tops in no certain order:

- after a very emoitional moment or in my case hours, I love being able to go into Steve's arms where it goes away for just a little while

- I am taking the shower thing from April...I LOVE LOVE LURVE!!! showers especially after a long stressful day or just because...like on a cold night and I want to warm up and then climbing into bed...LURVE IT!!!

- making and taking dinner to my love while he is at work. Where he works, we are able to take at least 45 mins to eat dinner together even if it is at his job...it's still nice to have dinner with him; his friends are always saying, "Man, my wife/girl doesn't do that for me." LOL! makes me feel good.

- being able to sleep in...this doesn't happen very much anymore but when it does, it feels gerrr...ate!

- wearing my guy's hoodie...there is something about it whenever I put it on, I feel like I'm home or something.

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