Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Moan

April writing...*the guest blogger for the MM.*

Because I have such a good moan, Cory let me guest blog for this post since this is normally his entry!

I am moaning BIG time today too! I am SO aggravated. Let me explain...

Back in January (at the end of the month) I called and spoke with my RE's (Reproductive Endocrinologist) office. I spoke with Darlene, the Medical Records representative. She stated to me that in order to get a copy of my records I would need to fax or mail a letter stating which documents I needed, or just to state that I need a copy of the entire record. It would need both myself and Cory's signature since it included information about us both. We would need to wait about 3-5 days to pick it up.

Ok. Fine. No biggee.

I waited a couple weeks till I got my new Doc's appointment scheduled. And I sent in the letter this morning. About 1:00 pm I get a call from dear Darlene. She stated to me that as of January 09 there were new guidelines about requesting copies of medical records. No longer did they need a letter, but there was a form to be filled out. Also, there was a $.73 charge per sheet copied...AND it would take two weeks.

This doesn't work for me on MANY levels.
#1 - The form big deal.
#2 - The cost per sheet of paper. Re-donculous.
#3 - a two week wait???

Let me elaborate...Why in the good Lord's name does it take you 2 weeks to copy no more than 60 sheets of paper?? And WHY does it cost me $.73 for you to do that? Are you not already being paid? Are those not pictures of MY insides? Is that not documentation of MY cycles and MY bloodwork??

So I am highly aggravated...however stuck. I need those records for my new doctors appointment on Monday!!

I have worked in a Doctor's Office...I get it. When our patients requested copies we charged them $.10 a sheet. That's a jump of $.63!!!! Toner doesn't cost THAT much more...seriously people we are in a recession!!!

...and TWO WEEKS?!??!?!?!?!?!!?!






I'm aggravated.


- Sarah :-) said...

I'd say: Umm... if I bring in my own printer, and my own paper, can we hook it up and call it even??


Cory E. :) said...

Good moan baby. The only moan I have is I have to go back to work tonight.

Carrie Bowyer said...

My moan is... why tell us to be at a hotel a 2pm if we can't even check in our rooms until 4pm.... so now I have to entertain 3 small children for 2 hours..... gah!

Regina said...

Yikes! My Monday moan is about having to survive rush hour for a week. Housesitting in Westminster is all fine and good...but I'll be happy when I'm back in Severn again!

Becky said...

My moan is having a brother who can't just let me be when all I am trying to do is help him and his wife. It's crazy that he can't just say, "Ok, Becky that sounds good. I will see you tomorrow."

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