Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm sad about this...

April writing...

Ok, Ok...I know that I don't normally use our blog as a sounding board for Celeb gossip...but I have finally decided how sad I am about the following situation.

You see it seems that Saturday night (2/7) the handsome Chris Brown "choked, slapped and punched" his girlfriend, the absolutely beautiful Rihanna.


I know...that's what I said. How sad!! Apparently there was a fight, where Rihanna grabbed the keys from the ignition and through them out the window. This really ticked Mr. Brown off and he let her know by way of some domestic violence. There is never a reason for a fight to escalate into domestic violence. I feel it is a very cowardly act.

Here's another reason I am sad. I am sure for both (especially and hopefully if he feels regret) that this is a very embarrassing situation, and they are living it out quite publicly. For him, I feel his career will never be the same. This isn't the same type of publicity that will skyrocket your career say as not wearing any underwear or getting drunk at a party and getting snapped by the paps.

It has already impacted my opinion of him...this morning while riding to work...No Air by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown came on the air and after a few seconds, sadly I felt the need to switch to another station...just because he was singing.

But I know what you are thinking...and I agree with you....he did this to himself. It's just sad. Not that I knew them as a couple...but those of us who follow celeb gossip (a guilty pleasure of mine) we kind of hope and wish for good things for some Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, Ryan Goseling and Rachel McAdams (too late for that one) and others. At one point I had hoped for better for Chris and Rihanna. They seemed so cute together...look here they are in what seemed like happier times...

...although in this last one, he was probably whispering in her ear something like, "I am going to beat you later ok wit dat?" Sorry...I got carried away.'s just sad. Domestic Violence is never good, especially in the public eye to people who represent role models in young peoples lives.

What are your thoughts on the matter?


babysharpe said...

it really saddens me too. i was a big fan of chris. & now i just dont know how i feel. but i also feel. i dont know all that happened. i dont know the situation. although. not one single situation makes it okay for domestic violence. it still saddens me deeply.

Cory E. :) said...

I think Chris Brown needs to be made and example and I hope he spends many years in jail. I think domestic violence should be one of the toughest penalties.

Becky said...

It makes me wonder if this was the first time he ever done something like this or if this has been ongoing and this was the first time it got out.

- Sarah :-) said...

I'm sad for both of them, but also proud of him for turning himself in that night. I think it was big for a 19-year old famous rapper to do that, and he did it. He was said to have been very respectful to the police and everyone involved in his booking and processing. That speaks VOLUMES to his character, even if it was tarnished by his behavior the previous night.

As for Rihanna, I'm glad that she didn't milk it. She could've showed up with her black eye and bite marks on her arms... whatnot... I'm jsut glad she's being respectful as much as possible, too.

Hopefully things will improve for each of them and they'll grow up a bit more.

And I agree with Cory, too. Domestic violence shoudl be taken way more seriously than it is.

Brittany said...

I just want to know what his momma said...... mmhhmmmm (with ghetto lips out.) And Ryan and Rachel broke up again?!?!? Didn't they just get back together? Come on! Quit getting my hopes up.

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