Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscars...just a few of my pictures.

April writing...

So Cory and I caught some of the Oscars last night...oh who am I am kidding...we watched the Red Carpet and like 10 minutes of the show before we watched a movie...but I was able to catch some shining stars and some NOT so shining stars...

Let's start with some of those that DIDN'T shine...

Sarah Jessica Parker - Uhm...boobies much?
Jessica Beil - are with Justin *freaking* Timberlake...step up your game.
Marissa Tomei - What the heck are you wearing?
Beyonce - Just no.

And JENNFER...oh sweet Jennifer Anniston. It's bad enough that you are even WITH John Mayer...but you had to use the back entrance?? He's holding you's sad really.

Now...onto those shining stars...

Miley Cyrus - You were stunning...I absolutely LOVED your dress!!! Just gorgeous!
Diane Lane - You are always graciously beautiful...last night was NO different. *except I wasn't too much a fan of your orangey lipstick...but I can overlook that...once.
Brangelina - I'm sorry...but you two are Nicely done. Always pulling off the class.

And two my TWO absolutely favorite leading ladies...Penelope Cruz and Kate two looked simply AMAZING!!! I mean...Penelope...that dress!! beautiful. And could make a moomoo look are on top of the world...and I am so ecstatic!

There were many other duds...but I decided to share just a few of my I said...we quickly transitioned out of Red Carpet mode into movie mode! Hope you enjoyed my quick little recap.

Oh and the Monday Moan is coming later...whenever my dear Husby awakens from his pre-work slumber!

"Sometimes I wish I could go back to the days when I was six and my biggest problem was what kind of dress to put on Barbie or whether or not I had enough Legos to build a fort."


- Sarah :-) said...

I'm gonna have to disagree on the first two dresses. SJP may have been asking for a Janet-Jackson-esque wardrobe malfunction, but she loked fab and I relaly REALLY liked her dress.

And I think, though she could've done a but more, Jessica Beal look simple yet classy in her dress, as well. Though I typically don't think Texas sized bows look good on anyone, for the record.

And after mistaking the movie "The Reader" fo something WAY other than it actually was, I can never look at Kate Winslet the same way again. *ick!

Brittany said...

I must agree with Sarah... I adored SJP dress. Her sisters were a little too much, but the dress was nice. And Kate..... it did look like a moomoo, very classy one of course. I just didn't like the way it fit her or the style of it. I really wanted her to come out in a stunning outfit. It wasn't. Miley's dress, i think was my favorite. Very girlie and perfect for her.

Becky said...

Your reviews were an interesting read...I really like when you said about beyonce's dress "just no" LOL!!!

PS: LOVE the quote...I am "stealing" it. LOL!!!

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