Monday, February 09, 2009

PICNIK Contest - Your turn to VOTE!

April writing...

Here they are!! Thanks to all who participated, you all did a GREAT job! Everyone had their own style!! They are in no particular order...and you get TWO votes for your top choices! We are looking for creativity!! Leave a comment with your TWO favorite pictures (use the letter that is to the RIGHT of the picture of your choice), also PLEASE try and leave a brief description of the picture with the Letter. (i.e. A - Picture Lasts Longer). THANKS

I will take the TOP 5 and then we will have one final VOTE!! :)

Hurry VOTE NOW!!! Voting will be closed on Thursday night at midnight!






babysharpe said...
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babysharpe said...

okay. i messed up. hah.
i like the one with bishop holding madison. & then i like the memory lane one.


Cory E. :) said...

D then C

- Sarah :-) said...

Okay - here it is:

First, I LOVE "I - Memory Lane"

and then

"H - Plato quote"

But oh my GOSH was it hard!! Tell me we're doing this again, soon. PLEASE tell me it's so!!

- Sarah :-) said...

OOPS - that'd be "M - Plato quote." I think I'm dislexic!

Carrie Bowyer said...

I = Memory Lane
C = Bishop

Becky said...

It's too hard to judge. I think I am liking the one with Brittney standing in the path with the tree arch thingy.

Anonymous said...

I like I- Plato! That's my favorite. I can't decide on my second.

Anonymous said...

Scratch that comment xD I meant M! M!!! Haha.

Summerly Joy said...

im gonna be a stinker and pick my own...D and then im gonna vote M.

soo...D & M

jbowyersr said...

another vote for bishop and madison

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