Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Did you watch it?

April writing...

Did you watch it? The Season Premier last night???

What were your thoughts?

To me...it was awkward and depressing and sad.
My one main point...when asked "where they were now." They didn't know?!

DO THEY NOT TALK? You are supposed to be a Christian couple...I know it's been rough, but you can't fix what you don't even TRY to work through? Why aren't you TALKING???


So yeah...your thoughts??

1 comment:

Becky said...

I'm sad for them. I mean it seems like they need to seek a good christian counselor or maybe even their Pastor, do they attend church? Anyway, I agree they need to talk. I mean it seems like Jon and Kate want to work through this but her anger is getting in the way and his need whatever it is, is well I don't know because he barely spoke, at least to me. Oy! It's a bit hard to really get clear on my thoughts here because so much is going on with the whole thing. But the one thing that broke my heart was one of the younger girls asked her Daddy to not go away anymore.

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