Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Oh...it's NOT Monday?!

April writing...

I am terribly sleepy today. It's like one of those days were I am literally fighting to keep my eyes open at my desk. My only saving grace is the soda I am allowing myself to have and the window being open...to ensure that the cold air keeps a pep in my step.

I really have to start going to bed BEFORE midnight. I try...but then I hit my second wind at like 11:45 and I am up till 1 or 1:30 am. I am usually fine in the mornings, but this is going to catch up to me quickly. I need more sleep.

Challenge - Close my EYES before midnight tonight (and keep them closed...heehee)

I am super nervous about the Murder Mystery this weekend. I am sure the kiddos are going to do their best, but I am a mess. I felt the same last year and they WOWED me...this year, they need to wow me in TWO shows!!! At our last practice, we didn't get full advantage of our time, because we had to take time to make sure the sound was in working order, which is very important. So I hope they bring their "A" game this weekend. Either way, it should be fun and I hope each one of the students enjoys themselves!!

In other news...(I dunno why I love to say that...?) we finished our front planter project!!! It looks amazing! I absolutely LOVE it. I think it just pops the front of the house!! Whenever the rain slows down I will get out there and actually plant my Hydrangea bushes...and soon I will be picking up an already matured Hydrangea bush from my sister's backyard. (THANKS!) Now we need to buckle down again and prepare for out next outdoor job...the gutter and soffit replacement. Yeah...I hear ya. Not nearly as exciting as the planter project!! But it is totally a necessary project. Our gutters are rough.

Sometimes a part of my wishes we could fast forward all the work we need to do on the house, just so I can see the finished product...but then I think. We won't ever be DONE. Not really at least. See here...let me run down the general list of things we need/want to do: (in no particular order)
  • Replace Gutter, downspouts and soffit - $$
  • Replace carpet in 3 bedrooms. - $$
  • Install crown molding in Dining Room and Living Room - $
  • Paint Office - *hopefully we will be doing this, when it become a Nursery - $
  • Paint Master Bedroom - $
  • Replace remaining Master bedroom furniture with our furniture from Ikea. - $$
  • Add patio to backyard (right outside kitchen door) - $$$$
  • Add small patio and pergola to the right of the stairs in the backyard (including a gardening center for me! - $$$
  • Put edging around planters in the backyard and mulch - $
  • Fill in bare spots with grass seed and weed the backyard. - $
  • Finish the basement (including studding, drywall, carpet, flooring, paint and ceiling) - $$$$$
  • Re-do electric in basement - $$$$
  • Paint and organize Craft room and Laundry Room (in basement) - $$
  • Purchase furniture and possibly pool table for basement. - $$$
$ = Under $150
$$ = $300-$700
$$$ = $800-$1200
$$$$ = $1300-$2500

I am sure there is more...but that's all I can come up with on the top of my head.

I have been scouring the Internet...for ideas on how to do any of these jobs cheaper or on our own. That is really where you save your money!! I am excited to see how our house changes in the next year. We have done alot since this time last year...(finished half bath in basement, re-did full bath upstairs, did 'Linen' painting technique in Dining Room and added front planters.

There is definitely a great sense of accomplishment in finishing a job, especially one you do yourself! I am very proud of how hard Cory and I worked on the planters...and a BIG thanks to all that helped us along the way with advice, labor or just with compliments. That drove us to finish the job!

We will see what's next!!

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