Tuesday, May 19, 2009


April writing...

I can't keep my head on straight lately. So much going on. Between practices for the upcoming Murder Mystery, (on May 30th...get your tickets!!!) *shameless plug* and all the yard work, and the birthdays and graduations...It's getting better...but I am ready for the warmer weather...pool time and a tan :)

...now THAT's the life!!!

I am very pleased with the progress that we have made on the front planters...I will post the final pictures once we have the mulch laid on Saturday. Then...I can check that home improvement project OFF the list!!!

...do you know what tomorrow is?

MY BIRTHDAY! I am going to be 28. Yikes.
A great pictorial post coming tomorrow!!! Check back!

We are 88 page views away from 10,000 visitors...and I am VERY excited about that!!

Uhm...let's see. We told Bekah (my youngest sister) where we are taking her for her graduation/18th birthday present. Myrtle Beach, SC! I am so excited about it. It's going to be August 8-15th. We wil have a blast I am sure. I can't wait to go down there. I haven't ever been and I have wanted to go to one or both of the Carolina's for years!!!

...slightly random thought...*cause I am talking to her on Facebook right now...* I am going to miss Summerly when she leaves. Boo.

...and yet another random thought...I just got tongue tied on the phone at work...I said, "He should be returning no later than boob tomorrow...I mean noon." What the heck? The gentlemen on the other side just chuckled. Embarrassing.

What has been wrong with me lately. I haven't had the blogging bug. I am not sure what it is. Maybe I am too addicted to Chain Reaction or Bejeweled Blitz or Mafia Wars on Facebook to come over to 2Slisks land and blog more. Ugh. I am sorry. I will work on it...I promise!

Oh OH! I had a dream last night...here we go.
So I was running in a marathon (haha...see it was a humorous dream) and all of the sudden I feel down with these sharp pains in my earlobes. This lady comes behind me and taps me on the shoulder saying, "I know what's happening to you...follow me." So I did.

She leads me into this hydration tent and sits me down to take my blood pressure. It's through the roof and she says that I am losing blood through my earring holes. I reach up to check my ears and there isn't a drop on them.

I was really confused. She said..."the faster you breathe the thinner your blood gets, till it is almost air-like. So basically your blood is seeping out of your earring holes, like air out of a pinhole in a balloon."

I was still confused.

So then, Cory comes around the corner towards me with a jewelry box in his hands. He is screaming..."Here! Here! This will help!!" and he puts a pair of diamond stud earrings on my ears and says, "Happy Birthday!"

The lady smiles and says...you're all better now, you can get back to the race."

I woke up.

What in the world?

Yeah. That's what I thought.
I am sure my contemplation over what to ask for from Cory for my birthday, coupled with the large glass of chocolate milk and the horrible Jillian Michael's workout did it to me.

But anyways...that's it. All I have for now. This post has been eerily similar to the jumpy-random nature of a one Summerly Joy's blog postings. haha!! Enjoy!

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Becky said...

First, this was fun to read...the randomness. Second, you all will love Myrtle Beach. My mom goes there just about every year and she always comes back relaxed and wishing she could go back. It'll be a great time.

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