Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I feel...

April writing...

Like I haven't done much real blogging lately. I sat at work yesterday trying to figure out why...and I came up with nothing. My apologies.

I don't know if there has just been too much going on and it's just easier to do the specials (i.e. Top 5 Tuesdays, Monday Moan, etc).

Whatever the case. I promise to work on it.

There has been alot going on...
Girls Beach Weekend
Front yard renovations
Summer planning
Proms & upcoming Graduations
Murder Mystery practices
Baby showers

Some days I feel like the weeks just fly by because they are so busy. I hope to slow down and enjoy the lovely Spring weather (like today...ahhh...what a breath of fresh air) and enjoy time with my friends and family. Before we know it the icky cold weather will be back and all my springtime hard work in the yard will go back below ground to hide away till late February 2010.

2010. Woah.
I am going to be 28 this year.

Woah. about taking a deep breath...

It's all going so quickly. I don't want to miss a thing. I think that's my problem. I want my hands to be involved in too much...that I spread myself thin and I end of only showing up with 1/2 my energy, 1/2 of me at everything I do.

I gotta work on that.'s my promise. More blogging and not just the daily specials either.'s something fun...go view the Home Improvements Album I just added to Facebook. I love to see the progression of some of the stuff we have done!

Talk to you more soon!

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