Monday, May 04, 2009


April writing...

Our future with IVF.

So I went to my RE today.

Cory went with.

I had a Hystosonogram done. Doc found two polyps. Boo.

However, she did say that we are excellent candidates for IVF.

I have great egg #’s, Cory has great #’s.

We discussed our concerns and we were really informed on the ways of IVF.


It looks like within the next two months I will start my first IVF cycle.

I do have one more procedure though. Ehhh.

A Hysteroscopy.

To remove the two polyps, in order to make my Uterus a happy place for the embryos to attach. : )

Doc said, we can draw the line at only fertilizing 6 eggs, that way at least half (maybe more) should become healthy, good embryos.

She will only implant 1-2. No More.

She says, she doesn’t want to make headlines…nor do We.

If there are any eggs left over…we are pretty sure that our insurance covers the cost of freezing them.


That’s where we are.

I’m excited. Anxious. Nervous. Hopeful.

…and eagerly looking forward.


Regina said...

Good luck on your continuing journey. I'm eagerly looking forward with you!

Though, I think your children are destined to make headlines... *wink*

- Sarah :-) said...

Awesome!! So... let me know when the "big day" is and we'll hold a party. An egg party! Oh I've got SO many ideas already...

...I'm such a dweeb!

Nikki Jomidad said...

I'm excited right along with you... and praying right along with you too! Keep us posted!

By the way, I had a hysteroscopy before... certainly not "fun" but definitely not the worst thing I've ever gone through, so try not to worry too much about it! Look at what you'll gain in the end... =)

Becky said...

Prayers are with you both!

Elizabeth said...

So glad to hear of the overall good news! Good luck to come, and keep pumping those vitamins too! ;o) Can't wait to hear how it goes from here...

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