Thursday, May 07, 2009

Kate - On the Today Show

April writing...



Nikki Jomidad said...

woo hoo!! I got a blog cameo... sort of! LoL

- Sarah :-) said...

She sounds genuine and makes soe great points. I think it's al money hungry people in a little old town finding that they can get a nice payday if they say juicy things. That's all.

And I'm proud of them for standing together through all of it, and hopeful that the kids aren't hearing and dealing with any of this nonsense.

It's their business. And that's how it should stay. They aren't public politicians that we are supposed to be able to trust. They aren't CEOs with their hands in the companys funds. They are a family. And they are real with everything they've dealt with.

Let's just drop it already. Aren't there any other good tabloid worthy stories that could have the front cover, now?

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