Friday, May 22, 2009

Workouts and Dieting...take 43

April writing...

So this week Cory and I started working out. We agreed to 4 days a week. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays. At least 20 minutes each day. This week I have been doing the Jillian Micheal's Ultimatum Wii Fit workout. I feel great about it! I enjoy it. It feels like the time flies by and I am actually sore. Like the good sore...where you know you are accomplishing something!

Next week, my plan is to adding better. I mean, since we started I have been watching portions, time and what I eat...but I want to add in more fruits and veggies, and get back to water only! (We have been drinking tea at home)

For the sake of honesty and vulnerability, I will admit that I have...*gasp* gained back 26 pounds of the weight I spent 8 months losing last year. I won't say that I don't know how it happened, because I know.

I gave up. I went back to my old ways, I stopped counting my points and I stopped being active. I know that this battle with weight, at least for me...will be a constant in my life. I know that I am always going to have to fight and pay attention. As much as I hate it.

What I hate more is not finding cute clothes, and feeling winded at the top of the stairs at work.

It's hard. I am embarrassed. Ashamed. I feel those pesky little body issues creeping back in. And it stinks.

But I can't just lay down in this self-pity...we are on track now. Week one has been good, and I actually haven't had to PUSH myself to work out...I am sure that won't always be the case, but for's a great place to start.

So here it black and white. I want to set a goal of losing 10% by July 17th. That's 22 pounds! I firmly believe I can do it. I know I have before. I know I can again. So keep an eye on my new ticker over there <----------. Watch with me as that number grows...cause that means I am closer and closer to my goal!!!

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Trish said...

Way to go, April! I need to do the same but can't get inspired. Kudos to hubby for doing it with you!

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