Thursday, July 23, 2009

My First Time Spreaching

Cory Writing....

Several of our High School students and our Youth Pastor went to Puerto Rico for a week on a Missions Trip. Our Youth Pastor Jason Harris asked me if I would speak and I agreed.

To make it easy for my first time Jason gave me a stack of video's done by Rob Bell. The video I chose was titled Rich, I chose this video because it fit it perfectly with our kids being away on the missions field.

The description of the video is as follows:
There's a popular bumper sticker that reads "God Bless America," but hasn't America already been blessed? It's easy for us to fall into a mindset of viewing "our" world as "the" world, because it's all we generally see. We're constantly bombarded with images of the latest styles and models of everything, and it can easily leave us feeling like what we have isn't enough because we see people that have even more than us. But how does what we have compare to what most people in the world have? Maybe what we have is enough; maybe it's more than enough. Maybe God has blessed us with everything we have so we can bliss and give to others.

I chose to do breakout groups, which allows the students to dialogue about the subject matter with other peers their age. If you would like to listen to the sermon it is below.

Rich Sermon July 15, 2009 from April Eslick on Vimeo.


Debbie Johnson said...

Hey Cory,
You did a great job on "Rich". I enjoyed the way you organized the students in the beginning and told them what to expect. Having them participate by answering questions is a great way to get them to focus and pay attention too! The audio quality was wonderful, but because I'm such a visual learner, I would have loved to see you, the video, and the pictures you were describing. But overall, you did a super job!

Denice said...

What a terrific job you did! You could have fooled me that this was your first time preaching. You picked an excellent today's world money and 'things' are made to be gods that everyone should follow after. You did a great job of planting seeds in the minds of your youth group that hopefully will take root and help them to view 'rich' very differently! There are many adults that should hear this message as well! Well done!!

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