Tuesday, July 07, 2009

I feel busy...but I'm not....really.

April writing...

I haven't blogged in ages it seems. Not a real blog anyways. Let's see if I can catch you up since I last wrote...

Since the beginning of June I have:
We also just finished up with VERB Student Ministry...where I was lucky enough to take off three days to join them at the DC Zoo, Beaver Dam and Busch Gardens (pictures coming soon!)

We celebrated July 4th...pretty low key...and I almost watched Husby blow a very necessary body part off of his body when a bottle rocket shot between his legs!!!

So all in all...I guess I have been busy doing alot of stuff...and hopefully this week we will slow down a bit...or at least try.

And I promise to blog DAILY for the next 7 days. That's right. Tuesday-Monday...I will blog...maybe multiple times...I gotta get myself back into the bloggy swing of things.

So as I keep you updated...let me know...what's been going on with you lately?

1 comment:

megsnbigd said...

I can't believe you got denied ny her insurance?! Is that possible. It was pretty clear it was her fault. You didn't even have a stop! Oh, and I really thought that by now you would have weighed in on the Gosselin Family drama...

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