Thursday, July 09, 2009

Watermelon goodness

April writing...

One shouldn't look at food related blogs while makes you crazy!! ha!

I stumbled across this yummy treat (that I totally wanna try!)


It's a Watermelon Fountain!! I found it over at All Bower Power. She's got the tutorial complete with pictures!!! Wouldn't that just make the perfect Summer outing treat?!?!

Moving away from the yummy goodies category...let's talk a little about the weather. I am in HEAVEN. I wish all summer was like the past few days. Low to mid 80's in the daytime and nice and crisp in the evenings. It made for the PERFECT evening bike ride last night after church!! I know it probably won't last for long...but I am loving every minute of is so far!

The VERBIES are leaving on Sunday, headed to Puerto Rico for a Missions Trip! I am sure it's gonna be a blast for them...the mission field...not really my cup of tea. I choose to stay and be of service back home, heehee. I know that I still owe you guys pics from 7Squared...and I plan to get right on that! I am also like 5 days late on the Project 365 post as well...oh well...kay sera sera! Keep an eye out...they ARE coming!

Is anyone still reading this??!

1 comment:

- Sarah :-) said...

I'm sorry - I am still back at the watermelon fountain... what what that last part?!

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