Wednesday, July 01, 2009

SYTYCD Week #4

April writing...

Here are my Week #4 ratings...worst to best.

7. Kayla/Kupono - Contemporary. It was just to weird. I couldn't see past it.
6. Caitlyn/Jason - Jazz. They got hosed with this choreography.
5. Karla/Vitolio - Quick Step. Ok, so I really only like the dress change. :P
4. Janette/Brandon - ChaCha. Very fun!
3. Randi/Evan - Broadway - I thought this was really fun!
2. Philip/Jeanine - Ok I LOVE NappyTabs. (Tabitha and Napoleon) it was a great idea!
1. Melissa/Ade - PadeDue? It was REALLY beautiful. Ballerinas (when NOT naughty) are so graceful!

Bottom 3
-Janette/Brandon (going out on a limb here)

Going home - I think we will be losing Karla and Jonathon.

What were your thoughts?

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