Thursday, July 16, 2009

SYTYCD Week #6

April writing...

Well here is my opinion on the rankings for this week!

5. Randi/Kupono - Paso was just kind ehhh to me. Seemed slow and no passion.
4. Melissa/Brnadon - was good. I liked it.
3. Kayla/Evan - Viennese Waltz...I cringed for them...I thought the height thing would mess them up, I think they compensated VERY well.
2. Janette/Ade - Hip Hop...I LOVED it...I thought it was great!
1. Jeanine/Jason - Contemporary...WOW. Just wow.

Brandon - Strong, kinda boring.
Randi - She is just too cute and fun...I love her.
Kupono - Is he a girl?
Melissa - She is so graceful, but then again what ballerina isn't.
Evan - I heart him.
Kayla - it was very pretty...not much long legs could do that isn't pretty.
Ade - he is a powerhouse and I like him
Jeanine - she is growing on me...she's cute
Jason - it was unique, I like him too
Janette - She's one sassy girl...just not that into her.

Ehhh...bottom four? Is that how they are doing it now??? Gosh...I'm gonna go that way.

Bottom Two Girls - Janette and Melissa
Bottom Two Boys - Kupono and Brandon

Going Home????

Melissa and Kupono.

Your thoughts?


Terri Peters said...

No, Kupono is not a girl, he is just very, very gay. Very. Gay.

Was Cat Deeley drunk last night?

I loved the Jeanine and Jonathan dance, too. It sort of blew my mind.

Regina said...

I didn't get to watch Wednesday night, but I saw the results show.

I heart Evan too.
Though, I'm not a fan of Ade.

After reading both your and Terri's comments, I feel like I should run home and watch that contemporary piece.

BTW: Am I allowed to be completely proud of Dimetri? I loved him during season 2 and think it's great that he is an emmy nominee. The other alumni have been fantastic too. *cough* Pasha and Travis *cough*

It's nice to see that making it on the show isn't the end for these really does help them develop and progress in their careers.

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