Thursday, July 09, 2009

Project 365 - Week 11

Day 71 - June 21st, 2009 Father's Day portraits...or at least trying. It's always an ordeal with my family...then you throw in Gramps. ha.

Day 72 - June 22nd, 2009 Early Birthday...Jared wanted to have a birthday dinner before Grandma and Grandpa left for a month's vacation. So we ate at Fuddruckers!

Day 73 - June 23rd, 2009 Ohh Ohh Fender Bender...yep. I hit someone. Good for me though, SHE ran the stop sign.

Day 74 - June 24th, 2009 VERB Movie Night...and Sam was HUNGRY :)

Day 75 - June 25, 2009 My first Placemat Pillow...I think it turned out quite nicely.

Day 76 - June 26, 2009 Cast Party...Ice Cream and watching our play...good times.

Day 77 - June 27, 2009 Hot Gardner...Husby, mowing the lawn with sophisticated lines and all!

1 comment:

- Sarah :-) said...

SO by "sophisticated lines" did you mean his tan lines after wearing that redneck shirt in the sun? :-P

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