Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Grammy Fashion

Finding pictures is prooving difficult...at least finding pictures that I don't have to save to my computer to upload...so here are a few of the HITS and MISSES in my book!

Lea Michele was stunning tonight...although I am jut not a fan of the bright red lipstick look.

Dianna Argon was another favorite! She has such a natural beauty about her.

Selena Gomez was super age appropriate and just gorgeous.

Kelly Osbourne had a lovely ruffle purple frock...I loved it!

Now for the MISSES...

Rihanna, it could just be because I haven't been lovin' her lately, but I hated this dress.

 Willow Smith, I know she is only like 12 years old...but I thought this looked like a hot mess.

Katy Perry will there be an award show where she isn't like just wearing lingerie?

Amber Riley me no likey, it's almost as if her jewelry is trying to kill her.

 Natasha Bedingfield just no.

Lady GaGa do I really have to explain why Gaga is on my MISSES list?

So your thoughts about Grammy Fashion? Or what about the show? I thought it was an AMAZING show...I especially loved these guys (skip ahead to :50)...Mumford and Sons and the Avett Brothers. (you can skip Bob Dylan...Husby nearly shot himself because I  made him listen! :) )

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Many Titles said...

I am just hoping that Willow picked out her own outfit. That her parents are just letting her "express herself." Even though they might want to give her some help.

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