Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ken wants Barbie back...

It's true. There is a new digital campaign by Mattel to rejoin the once thought soul mates, Barbie and Ken.

And Ken wants her back...BAD.

After the controversial split back on Valentines' Day 2004, the two went their seperate ways and Barbie has even been seen around town with the likes of this guy... Steve...

Call me crazy, but has Steve ever held down a job besides surfing?

Ken is doing everything he posting billboards all over LA...

He's even taken to his Facebook and Twitter pages to win her back!

Barbie is having a hard time deciding though. She too  has been posting about this decision on Facebook and Twitter, with statements like, "This whole Ken things has me feeling completely confused. He's made it no secrete that he wants to get back together, but is it the right decision? Advice needed." and "Ken seems to be everywhere I turn. Driving to the airport and I see a billboard with him on it...again! What's a doll to do?"

I say GO FOR IT BARBIE...after all...I'm sorry, but lately Ken is looking goooooddd...

Now, if we were throwing Jacob in the mix...this might be a different story....heehee

Oh OH!

So what do you think? Should Barbie take Ken back? VOTE NOW!

1 comment:

Brandy said...

You crack me up!!! I say take Ken Back, unless of course Jacob comes to call ;)

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